History of RAC

RAC enjoys a rich history of Oneness Pentecostal power and practice. On Pentecost Sunday weekend of 2020 we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

RAC began its ministry in 1995 as United Pentecostal Church of Renton. The first congregation gathered in the basement of Craig and Vicki Warren’s home. The people at that first meeting had no idea their early commitment would lead to the thriving congregation that exists today. This early church sacrificed, prayed, and grew until a different location was needed to house the new believers.

Through sacrificial giving, we moved to the Aqua Barn off Maple Valley Hwy in Renton and revival continued. A few years later, we purchased an acre of land with a home on it. We converted the 3-car garage into a sanctuary and used the 4 rooms as Sunday school classes. However, the county would not let us have church service at that location. So, we sold the property and moved to first Presbyterian Church of Renton off Old Benson Hwy in Renton. We were there for 2.5 years when a Church building became available for us to lease on 703 13th St. in Renton. We were at that location for 6 years. As revival continued, we outgrew that location and found another building that could facilitate our growth. So, we moved to 2400 East Valley Rd in Renton. We remained there for 9 years. During that time God moved miraculously with untold people receiving the Holy Ghost and being Baptized and receiving their healing. We currently hold service at 200 SW Langston Rd. in Renton. RAC is presently pursuing purchasing an existing building for our future church home.